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Arrest Made in Methamphetamine Smuggling Case

A man crossing the border at the Port of San Luis has been arrested for attempting to smuggle 38 pounds of methamphetamine into the United States. According to a news report, the meth is valued at close to $600,000. The method allegedly used by the man to bring the drug into the country may sound […]


Methamphetamine, Pot Found in Phoenix Homes

In separate incidents in Phoenix last week, drug busts focused on both methamphetamine and a marijuana growing operation. The first bust resulted from an operation in west Phoenix by the Arizona High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Task Force. When all was said and done, while the bust led to only one arrest, the charges included […]


Alice B. Toklas – Alive and Well at Chaparral High

For those of our readers who aren’t familiar with her life, Alice B. Toklas was a literary and artistic figure during the first half of the twentieth century. Born in the United States, she moved to France in 1907 and took up residence as the companion, secretary and editor of Gertrude Stein, the American-born author […]


Naked PCP-Fueled Carjacking Case Not Over Yet

We reported in our blog in July of last year (Naked Carjacking in Phoenix) on the rather bizarre case of a John Brigham, who allegedly caused at least two collisions, resulting injuries to a number of people in Scottsdale, as well as a carjacking. Not all that crazy, unless you consider that during at least […]



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