Earlier this month, an illegal marijuana sale allegedly took place in Phoenix, and ended with the shooting death of a 19-year old man. The Phoenix cops apparently wanted to arrest someone for the murder – we question how much they cared that it was the actual murderer that they placed under arrest. Here’s what happened….

When you read a story recounting an alleged crime, you’ll often see that a single act leads to not one, but a host of charges against the defendant. You may wonder how one theft, or a single altercation, can have a person facing a number of different felony and misdemeanor offenses. A recent example occurred…

It’s been a long road for Scott Warren. He is a well-known humanitarian worker and volunteer who has been on the front line of attempting to prevent deaths from exposure of those people journeying through the Arizona desert after crossing the border from Mexico. Warren was arrested by border patrol agents almost two years ago…

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