You would certainly assume that the Coronavirus pandemic would have affected the number of people accused, driving under the influence, as well as the number arrested for DUI. With fewer people out and about town in bars and restaurants, you would expect a corresponding decrease in, for example, the number of those drinking and driving….

While medical use of marijuana has been legal in Arizona since 2010, voters have, until the election this month, resisted going further. Unlike Washington and Colorado, which became the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, Arizona rejected the concept as recently as 2016. That year, Proposition 205 (2016) was defeated, when only 48.7%…

Domestic violence is a serious issue in Arizona and throughout the country. On the other hand, many domestic violence cases involve relatively minor offenses. What might be viewed as a scuffle in one context is viewed in a much more serious light when the act is allegedly committed against a person with whom the defendant…

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