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Congratulations to Lincoln our winner. 

CLOSED | Autism Scholarship Offered by the
Law Offices of David A. Black | CLOSED

This contest is now closed 

The Law Offices of David A. Black is proud to announce that the firm is once again offering an educational scholarship. We have been providing scholarship assistance to students and prospective students on an annual or biennial basis since 2016.

This year, prospective applicants will be individuals who seek to continue their education beyond the high school level, and who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The winner of the scholarship will be awarded the sum of $2,500, to be paid as tuition to the school chosen by that individual. The staff of the firm, including founder David A. Black, believes that in providing this opportunity and support, persons who have been diagnosed with ASD will continue their studies beyond the level of high school. Our firm is devoted to providing this financial incentive in the hope that it will lead to further education, and with it expanded job opportunities when seeking to join the workforce.

How is ASD (Autism) Related to Education?

Autism comprises several different conditions or disorders, and often affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. The symptoms and the severity of the condition may vary significantly from one individual to the other. The effects of ASD may also change based upon the age of an individual.

The research on ASD, in particular its effects upon education, reveals some startling – and unfortunate – facts. Those facts include, perhaps most importantly, that over half the individuals diagnosed with autism (a) do not pursue higher education, and (b) are unemployed after the conclusion of their secondary education. We believe that at least some of those diagnosed with ASD would further their education but for a lack of funds. Our firm is dedicated to helping those who are struggling with some of the effects of autism, and we are optimistic that this scholarship offer may represent the “push” needed for a person to commit to continuing with post-secondary education. The scholarship may be used toward tuition not only for college or junior college, but also for trade/vocational school. In any event, the additional education is designed to expand the opportunities available in the workplace.

Who is Eligible for the Autism Scholarship?

Eligibility conditions are simple. You need to be (i) a citizen of the United States (ii) diagnosed with ASD (DSM-V), (iii) who wishes to attend a college, a junior college, or a vocational or trade school after completing their secondary education. You may apply if you are still enrolled in high school, or if you have completed high school. It is not required that you be enrolled currently at an educational institution to be eligible. However, we do require that the tuition funds be used not later than one (1) year after the award is announced.

Application Deadline

You must complete the application and submit it to us (see below) by December 15, 2023. We will announce the name of the winner of the scholarship on or before January 5, 2024. David A. Black will select the scholarship winner in his sole discretion.

Application Requirements

To apply and be eligible to receive the scholarship, please follow these steps:

  • Complete the application that appears below.
  • Your application must include a statement (no more than 175 words) telling us about your educational plans and goals.
  • You may also include, although not required, a second statement of up to 750 words, explaining how ASD has affected your education.
  • At the discretion of the firm, we may require evidence of your diagnosis.

Privacy Policy

When you submit information to our firm, that information becomes our property. We do not sell the information or provide it to others except as may be necessary or advisable in connection with the scholarship process. In addition, we may utilize the information to publicize this scholarship, the scholarship program or activities of the Law Offices of David A. Black.

This contest is now closed 

Autism Scholarship