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Autism Scholarship

Congratulations Sophia B! For winning our scholarship contest.
She will be attending the University of Florida to pursue a psychology/teaching degree.

Law Offices of David A. Black Offers Autism Scholarship


Our firm is delighted to announce that once again this year, we will offer an educational scholarship. This year, the scholarship seeks applications from those individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who wish to advance their education at the college or trade school level. The scholarship is in the amount of $1,000. David Black, founder of the firm, believes that the scholarship will serve as support for those who live with ASD to pursue their educational dreams, and it is intended as an incentive to applicants to further their education.

The Relationship Between Education and Autism

ASD (or autism) includes number of different disorders that may impair a person’s ability to relate to, and to interact and communicate with others. Both the symptoms and the severity of the condition may vary widely from one person to another. And people of different ages may experience different effects of the disorder.

When it comes to education, the statistics are clear. More than half of those with ASD cease their education and remain unemployed during the period commencing after high school, and for a period of two years thereafter. Many would like to move further with their education, but do not, either because of lack of funds or for a variety of other reasons. Mr. Black and the entire staff at the firm believe that by offering this scholarship, we may provide the impetus needed for an individual who might otherwise abandon education to enroll at a college or trade school and further his or her educational and career goals.


Who is Eligible for the Autism Scholarship?

Anyone who is a citizen of the U.S. citizen diagnosed with ASD (DSM-V), and who intends to further his or her education at a college, a junior college or a vocational or trade school, may apply for the scholarship. The firm does not require that an applicant be currently enrolled in school when he or she submits their application. The winning applicant must, however, use the scholarship fund within a year after the award is announced.


Application Deadline

The completed application must be to us by March 11, 2022. We will announce the scholarship winner no later than March 25, 2022. The selection of the winner of the scholarship will be made by David A. Black, Esq. in his sole discretion.


Application Requirements

To meet the requirements and apply for the scholarship, you must:

  • Fill out the application below.
  • Include a short discussion of not more than 175 words, regarding your educational aims and goals.
  • Include, at your option, an additional statement, not to exceed 800 words, describing how ASD has affected your education.

At our discretion, we may require evidence of your ASD diagnosis.


Privacy Policy

Information which you send us becomes our property. We do not sell the information or generally provide it to other parties. We do, however, reserve the right to utilize the information in connection with publicizing either this scholarship or the scholarship program of the Law Offices of David A. Black.


Inquiries Concerning the Scholarship

All questions relating to the scholarship, including those involving the application itself, should be submitted, via email if at all possible, to the following:

Law Offices of David A. Black
40 North Central Avenue, Suite 1850
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(480) 280-8028
email michael@dbphoenixcriminallawyer.com

Autism Scholarship