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Defending Murder Charges in Phoenix, AZ

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Finding the Right Defense Lawyer in a Murder Case

There may be no more daunting criminal charge than murder.  In fact, among all the possible homicide charges, murder is the most serious, and carries the most severe potential penalties. If you are facing a charge of murder, then you are well aware that your future, and in some cases your life itself, may be at stake.  At the Law Offices of David A. Black, we have the experience and dedication to provide you with what you need for your defense.  We can help, even if it appears to you that all is lost.


Types of Murder Charges

In Arizona, there are numerous classifications of homicide, and they include two distinct murder charges:

  • First-degree murder consists of a premeditated act with the knowledge or intent that it will cause death; causing a death in the process of committing or running away from one of a list of crimes; or killing a law enforcement officer in the line of duty. It is a Class 1 felony and can result in the death penalty or life in prison.
  • Second-degree murder involves intentionally causing the death of another person or unborn child without premeditation. It requires knowledge on the part of a person that he or she will cause death or serious injury, or an act which demonstrates an extreme indifference to human life.

These may appear to be very small distinctions, but those distinctions can make the difference between ten years in prison and the death penalty. Given the potential consequences, how can you defend a charge of murder?


Defending a Murder Charge

The issues in a murder case include not only the factual circumstances surrounding a death, but also the state of mind of the defendant.  Not only can it lead to a reduction in the charges against you, but in some cases it could lead to a dismissal or a not guilty verdict.

Defending a murder charge requires a carefully structured and well thought out defense. It requires preparation and aggressive defense of the client’s rights at every step of the investigatory and legal process. Each item of evidence and every interaction with the prosecution can have a serious and significant impact on a defendant’s case.

If you have been charged with murder, you need experienced legal help.  And at the Law Offices of David A. Black, that is precisely what we provide.  Call us today at (480) 280-8028 for a free consultation.