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What is Credit Card Fraud?

There are a wide range of charges which fall under the general heading of credit card fraud.  Under Chapter 21 of the Arizona criminal code, intent plays a substantial role in credit card charges. They include:

  • Theft of credit cards or obtaining credit cards by fraudulent means. This involves control of another person’s credit card without consent or the transfer of the card to another person. It is a Class 5 felony.
  • Receiving services or goods through fraudulent use of a credit card. This is the use of a fraudulently obtained credit card to buy or even attempt to obtain any money, goods or services. Depending on the value of the items that were bought or attempted to purchase, the charge can range from a Class 1 misdemeanor to a felony.
  • Credit card forgery. This involves the alteration or production of a fake credit card with the intent to defraud. It is a class 4 felony.
  • Fraudulent use of a credit card. This is the use of a forged, expired, cancelled or revoked credit card to obtain goods services or any other thing of value. Charges under this category range from a Class 1 misdemeanor and can go up to a Class 5 felony, depending on the value of goods and the extent to which the card was fraudulently used.
  • Possession of machinery, plate or incomplete credit card. These charges range from a Class 1 misdemeanor to a Class 6 felony, and involves the possession or use of incomplete credit cards or machinery to create fake credit cards.
  • Credit card transaction record theft. This is ordinarily charged when a merchant fraudulently seeks payment for goods or services not actually purchased. It can range from a Class 1 misdemeanor all the way to a Class 2 felony.

These charges often require the prosecution to prove that there was intent to commit fraud. For many defendants, that may provide a weak link in the prosecution’s case, and could represent their best chance for a successful defense against the charges. But the effectiveness of that or any defense will depend largely on having the right lawyer by your side.

Phoenix Credit Card Fraud Defense Lawyer

Mr. Black has extensive experience in handling credit card fraud charges. As a former prosecutor, he understands how the prosecution handles these cases and their investigations, and he knows what his clients’ rights are. He does not and will not allow his clients to be bullied by police or attorneys, and he will provide you with the best strategy for a dismissal or a reduction in the charges against you.

If you are facing a credit card fraud charge, contact us today at (480) 280-8028 for a free consultation.

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