I doodle on my worksheet, absorbed in creating a realistic looking eye. I am completely unaware of what is going on around me; I am detached from the rest of English class. I feel a weight on my left shoulder- someone is tapping me. Instantly I snap back into reality, confused for a moment because everyone is moving, papers being pulled out. A friend says to me, “You missed the instructions. Get out your drafted essay and a highlighter.”

This is how I would benefit from a scholarship, since everything counts when one cannot hear.

I’ve been wearing hearing-aids since I was 5 years old. Although it has presented me with many challenges I am a born over comer. Between the bullying and exclusion I have experienced from my peers, I still found light within myself. My hearing has never been an excuse nor have I allowed it be a hindrance. I’ve been an honor roll student all my life. I’ve won over 20 choral awards and I’ve even played two varsity sports. I’ve starred in 12 plays. And I make no excuses for myself. Please help me in my goal to pay for college.
-Jasmine T.

I have unilateral hearing loss. This was caused during a soccer game when the ball was kicked directly at my ear, rupturing my eardrum. Since then, I have had three surgeries. However, despite these surgeries, my hearing has gotten worse. In the classroom, I have trouble hearing the teacher. My desire for academic excellence appeared to be lacking due to my trouble hearing during class. During this time, I learned that it is okay to ask for help. I asked questions to help myself become more confident in what the class was learning. There were occasions where I had to go above and beyond in order to strive in the classroom, and my hard work and determination led me to success.
-Tatym R.

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