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Defending Corruption Charges

Have you been charged with bribery, perjury, obstruction of public administration or another corruption offense?

Corruption Defense Attorney Phoenix

In a business world where relationships and trust matter just as much as the nuts and bolts of commerce, a corruption charge can be crippling to a business and the people who work within the organization. Like most white-collar crimes, corruption charges can result in felony convictions. This frequently translates to heavy fines and possible jail time. A Phoenix criminal attorney can help to fight the charges, avoid the consequences, and salvage your business relationships and career.

Though no component of the Arizona criminal code relates exclusively to “corruption,” there are many types of fraud and other offenses concerning business and government, each of which can carry significant penalties.


Examples of Corruption Charges

The following are some of the potential charges under the general heading of corruption:

  • Fraud related to extensions of credit. This crime can result in a Class 2 felony conviction if money is obtained or given with the intent of facilitating criminal actions.
  • Credit card fraud. Whether it involves consumers, cardholders or credit companies, credit card fraud is a crime.
  • Identity theft. Taking on the identity of someone else for gain is a crime.
  • Business and commercial frauds. These can concern false advertising, defrauding creditors, misrepresenting financial documents, and usury.
  • Organized crime. This crime is also called racketeering.
  • Public administration obstruction. This can include blocking governmental operations, tampering with public records, and similar crimes.
  • Bribery. This crime involves giving money to or conferring any benefit on an official in order to influence that person’s official actions.  Commercial bribery is also a crime, and may be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending upon the value of the benefit that is conferred.
  • Perjury. This involves making a material misstatement under oath, knowing the statement to be false.  If the statement is not material, the offense is known as false swearing.  Although perjury is the more serious of the two crimes, both of them are felonies.

Any one of these charges has the potential to ruin your career, friendships, business relationships and life in general. Further, anyone convicted of being involved in the perpetuation of these crimes can be sent to jail, barred from certain careers and fined. Although the stakes are high, there are many opportunities to fight the charges and win.  Defenses can be raised, including lack of knowledge, lack of intent, and others, if you have the help of an experienced criminal lawyer.


Phoenix Corruption Defense Lawyer

At The Law Offices of David A. Black, we understand the delicate nature of corruption charges. Mr. Black is experienced in working with the media to protect his clients’ reputation in the press. He is a trusted resource and ally to his clients, who know that discretion is critical to picking up the pieces of a damaged reputation and social standing.  As a former prosecutor, Mr. Black understands how cases are built, and how to spot weaknesses in those cases. His experience allows him to identify defense opportunities that others might miss.

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