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Have You been Charged with a Gun Crime?

Weapons offenses carry serious penalties

Are You Facing a Weapons Charge in Phoenix?

Are you facing a weapons charge?  Then you need an attorney who represents clients charged with gun crimes and similar offenses.   At the Law Offices of David. A. Black, we have substantial experience in both prosecution and criminal defense  We know how prosecutors operate, and we have years of criminal defense experience, including defending clients charged with gun and other weapons crimes.

Sure we live in Arizona but that doesn’t mean that everyone can own and possess a gun at all times. If you’re watching this video you might have already found out why.

What are Weapons Crimes in Arizona?

There are a variety of offenses related to the possession and use of weapons.  These crimes include those involving deadly weapons, as well as what are known as dangerous instruments.  The difference between the two is that some are designed for deadly use (deadly weapons), and others relate to the situation in which the weapon is used (dangerous instruments).  Possession and/or use of a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument can in some cases constitute a crime in itself, and in other cases it can increase the level and potential penalty of a crime, such as assault, robbery, and burglary.

Another aspect of weapons crimes concerns who may or may not possess firearms, and the circumstances under which they can be possessed.  Issues include:

  • Prohibited Possessors.  If you’ve been convicted of a felony in the past, it is illegal to possess a firearm unless you’ve successfully petitioned for the restoration of your civil right to bear arms.  Restrictions also exist for those who have been adjudicated to be a danger to themselves or the community, and those who are on probation for a domestic violence offense, among others.
  • Illegal Weapons.  Some weapons are simply illegal to possess or sell.  Among them are grenades, silencers, nunchucks, and others.
  • Additional Weapons Crimes.  Altering the serial number of a firearm, use of deadly weapons in connection with a drug crime, and certain instances of discharging a firearm, are examples of other crimes involving weapons.
  • Concealed Weapons.  While the law has changed to permit the carrying of concealed weapons in many areas, you may still be charged with illegal possession,depending upon your age, status, and where and under what circumstances the gun or other weapon is possessed or being used.

These offenses carry stiff penalties, and many are felonies.  They may also lead to enhancement of penalties for other crimes.


Defending Weapons Charges in Phoenix

If you are facing a weapons crime, whether it involves a gun or some other weapon or instrument, call the Law Offices of David A. Black today at (480)-280-8028 to schedule your free consultation.