Government fraud is an attempt to divert funds that would normally go to the government through an act of deception. Often times, this is in the form of receiving false benefits from the government, or Department of Economic Security. If your world comes crashing down around you one day because the government thinks you’ve done something wrong, you are not alone.  Call us, because we can help.

There are several types of government fraud charges that can be brought against you, including:

  • Medicare fraud. This kind of fraud most often occurs when a health care company intentionally overstates its expenses and seeks reimbursement from a government-run program. For example, a lab could ask for money to cover the costs of a series of tests that, in reality, were never even performed.
  • Qui Tam. Qui tam is an abbreviation for old Latin phrase. A qui tam action is a lawsuit by a whistleblower, usually a private citizen against a company or group that has committed government fraud. What makes these cases unique is that the whistleblower has a financial incentive to report the crime. Under the federal False Claims Act, whistleblowers can be rewarded for providing evidence that leads to a conviction in a government fraud case. Enacted by the government to help identify government fraud, the goal is to regain revenue lost from the fraud perpetrated by a business or group.
  • Mail and wire fraud. These can be classified as being government fraud if the transmission of information regarding the crime was an official government resource, such as the United States Post Office. Both of these crimes can provide an additional charge for prosecutors when going after a criminal. If the criminal used the U.S. mail system or any form of telecommunications while committing a crime, mail and wire fraud charges can be brought to court.

Attorney David A. Black

Government fraud is perhaps one of the most difficult charges to beat in a courtroom. If brought to court to face charges, you’ll be sitting inside a government-run courtroom with plenty of government-paid officials who are accusing you of defrauding their employer. You will want someone on your side who can stand up to the government.

Phoenix Government Fraud Defense Lawyer

Whether it involves a government-run program like Social Security, or simply making a false statement to government authorities, you need an experienced Phoenix attorney who will put all the necessary effort into your defense. Mr. Black uses the experience he gained as a Maricopa County prosecutor to give him an advantage as your attorney in the courtroom. If you are accused of any form of government fraud, call Mr. Black today at (480) 280-8028.

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