When a gunman in Texas slaughtered 26 people at a church this month, it was discovered – apparently to no one’s surprise – that the man’s choice of weapons was an AR-15. The specific version was the Ruger AR-556. It was invented in the 1950’s, is a semiautomatic rifle, and is loaded with magazines consisting…

A report issued by the Governors Highway Safety Association says that drug impairment is becoming more and more of a problem on the nation’s highways. The primary fact used to reach this conclusion is that back in 2015, a higher percentage of drivers involved in fatal automobile crashes were allegedly under the influence of drugs…

Although Arizona is known as one of the most conservative states in the country, not all the news coming out of the legislature is based on right-wing theory. What follows are some of the changes this year in our criminal laws. Some, you might find, are surprisingly forward-thinking. Here are a few examples: Asset Forfeiture….

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