An Arizona bar owner has been charged with sexual abuse and unlawfully taking pictures of a partially nude job applicant. The story, if true, may appear to be rather strange, although the circumstances surrounding the allegations may be more common than most people might think. Here’s what happened, according to the police:

A woman applied for a job at a bar and grill. At the (alleged) request of the bar owner, she brought with her a cocktail dress and a bikini. Pretty strange so far, considering that the job she was applying for was a waitress position. But according to the police report, say things got even stranger after that, when the bar owner asked the woman to change into the outfits she had brought along, which she apparently did. There were allegedly two “costume changes,” the first involving the woman shedding all her clothes other than her underwear, and the other where she also removed her bra. The bar owner supposedly left the room each time to allow the woman to change in private – but the authorities say the privacy was illusory, at best. They claim that a surveillance video captured the scene.

From this point on, things get even stranger. The bar owner allegedly spent a couple of hours feeding the woman booze, with knowledge that she was underage. At some point, they add, the woman fell asleep, at which point he (again, allegedly), touched her private parts.

This case dragged on for a long time. Police say the events took place in October 2012, but they were waiting for DNA test results. The results are now in, but, interestingly, they showed no DNA connection between the bar owner and the job applicant.

We can’t say what actually happened that day in 2012, but remember that all defendants are deemed innocent until proven guilty. What strikes us about cases such as this, is that the more heinous the allegations, the more likely people are to condemn a defendant without the benefit of a trial, or, for that matter, any information other than that supplied by law enforcement. But as in all cases, we will have to wait to see how this one plays out in the context of the criminal justice system.

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