Assault often seems to be a simple affair. One person strikes or threatens another person, and you’d think that would be the extent of it. Generally, it’s a misdemeanor. And in more serious cases, depending upon the nature of the assault, the circumstances surrounding it, and the people involved, it may be classified as aggravated assault, which is a felony. But in some cases, the assault is the result of behavior we can only describe as bizarre. Here are a few recent examples:

  • Blind Justice. A couple of weeks ago, an incident took place in the restroom of a Phoenix QuikTrip that is probably unique in the annals of assault cases, and perhaps in all of criminal law. A blind man was in the restroom feeling around for the location of the urinal, when a Phoenix cop pushed him without any warning. The man pushed back, a fight ensued, and it ended of as a wrestling match between the blind man and the armed officer of the law. The blind man was eventually body-slammed to the ground, charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, and forced to spend a night in jail. Unbeknown to the cops, the scuffle was caught on a video by a man in the rest room. The Maricopa County Attorney, after reviewing the situation, dismissed the case. The man is threatening to file a civil lawsuit.
  • Drive-By Slingshot. Road rage apparently led to another strange assault case, this one also occurring in Phoenix. A man is alleged to have become so enraged at being cut off in traffic that he used a slingshot to send a metal ball through the driver’s side window of the offending vehicle. Because the case allegedly involved use of something capable of causing serious injury – the slingshot ball – the man was charged with aggravated assault. Interestingly, he has also been charged with drive-by shooting, a class 2 felony. The case is still pending.
  • Mike Tyson Revisited. In Michigan, a woman is accused of conduct reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s infamous actions in his 1997 fight against Evander Holyfield, during which Tyson bit off a portion of Holyfield’s ear. In the Michigan case, a patron at a Chinese restaurant was apparently unhappy with her food. Police say she argued with the owner, and the argument ended with the woman biting off the owner’s ear and punching the owner’s son. She is facing a variety of assault charges.

As we said, most assault cases are rather simple. Some, on the other hand, are as strange as you can imagine.

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