I would like to introduce myself to you and tell you about some exciting green energy project ideas that I will be starting at California State University, Los Angeles. My name is Gilbert Lopez (Gil). I am currently a full-time student at California State University, Los Angeles working towards my Technology / Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Science degree with focus on rehabilitation . I plan to pursue a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering in the future.

My educational background includes an Associates Degree in Business Management, Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, a Certification in Logistics and an A+ Electronics Certification. I am able to quickly absorb and research any given idea, due to inborn curiosity and familiarity with a wide variety of fields in technology. I have a strong work ethic and mechanical ability. My passion is revitalizing vintage, forgotten classics items like cars, and making them useful with modern technology. I currently restore classic cars from the 60’s, and my dream is to build a classic electric solar car, and help people with disabilities by use of adaptive equipment.

Research is the outlet for curious minds, and in the process, new discoveries emerge to generate change and progress. My goal is to achieve a PhD and become a mentor to students at both College and High School levels while exploring my never ending imagination and curiosity. This scholarship is congruent with my goal of becoming a Professor and be the agent of change for new generations.

The factors and specific challenges or problems in the field that most interest me are educate, and accelerate to a self-sustainable world via battery technology, solar, and engineering small self-sustainable communities. I am currently doing research and working as a teacher assistant/lab manager for the department of mechanical engineering and Industrial Technology.

My research involves developing engineering designs in rehabilitation , teaching curriculum development in technology and sustainable energies. My duties consist of helping engineering teams build projects in solar, wind, electric cars, and disability. I also serve as academic advisor to help student navigate in the right direction to graduation.

In the past year, I have become very interested in exploring electric motors, aqua hydro ponics, batteries, and green technology, and in learning how these technologies impact our carbon footprints for future generations. I am also building electric golf carts using fiberglass replica bodies of vintage muscle cars of the 50’s and 60’s. I hope to understand how current, voltage, electricity and batteries operate and may be best controlled to power electric vehicles.

These curiosities led me to explore an exhilarating opportunity right on my campus, to convert a 1974 Porsche 914 generously donated by a CSULA student for use as a student learning project. I would like to convert it into a solar/electric classic car – and in so doing learn all about the electrical storage, control and drive and regenerative braking systems that comprise state-of-the-art electric vehicles – and share this knowledge with my fellow students. So many of my friends and fellow students have expressed interest in this car! After numerous attempts to get the project off the ground by previous student teams, I have finally succeeded. I am currently learning and putting into practice all of the safety protocols involved in working with electric vehicles, and my goal is to redesign the Porsche to include some solar panels and a high-efficiency electric motor.

I have also been granted an unfurnished lab space in Professor Sam Landsberger’s Laboratory for Rehabilitation and Sustainable Engineering. Professor Landsberger is a full professor of mechanical engineering with doctoral and masters degrees from MIT, and has agreed to supervise all of our work on the electric vehicles. The theme of the space will be 50’s – 60’s style with a go-green, solar technology ambience.

This opportunity comes with its share of cost that presents a challenge for a full-time student. I would like to request your support as a sponsor for this green technology project. We are a building a aqua ponics, wind, electric research center to promote education on electric cars, solar, wind, and hydro systems.

I designed a Aqua ponics system for a regional center El Arca located in Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights for children, and adults with Downs Syndrome. The design included planters engineered for students to work independent, and wheel chair accessible height planting. Also, a very cool overhead hanging water system with a 200 gallon tilapia system .

Working for the laboratory for sustainable energies, and disabilities. I was approached by department of disability office professor to install a electronic lifting hoist on a 2016 Honda mini van. The professor had limit mobility, and trouble lifting her wheelchair. I adaptive a wheelchair lifting arm to her vehicle.

I have converted a 1974 Beetle which is a personal project of over a year in construction from gas to full 100% electric no emission vehicle. The Beetle runs on 100 volt lithium ion cells. Running Ac 50 I am currently in the process of connecting a j 1772 port to the campus charge station. My goal is to show case old and new technology charging together. I am also taking recycled laptop batteries, and making my own battery packs, similar to what Tesla does just like a Tesla power wall.

I am making our own Tesla brick packs to install in our electric cars. I would like to spread awareness of battery charging to community to all interested in pushing forward the alternative energy movement. We have a Mad scientist out reach trailer which we used to spread our vision of a cleaner healthier earth to surrounding communities.

I am very passionate about green advancement, especially electric cars, wind, aqua ponics, and solar technology. I was wondering if you would consider helping us students out with a discount or donation to use in our community center.

I am building at the moment a self sustainable community center to teach young minds about sustainable energies. I would like to use this as a educational platform to educate students about technology, and path to become engineers.

My research consists of a combination of electro-mechanical science and hands-on skills development of applied physics, math, and chemistry for example I need to understand the chemistry behind battery technology. What is the chemical reaction formula? How will it power an electric car? How are solar panels made? What is the efficiency rate to power a home or car? What is crystalline panel?

As an individual with a hearing disability, I am committed to helping others find solutions and further their education and independence. I have a particular interest in improving technology by means of engineering designs such as a wheelchair that allows user to stand up, an electric car with hand controls for people who cannot drive, a hearing aid to improve hearing in hard-of-hearing person. As a result of my own experiences, I am familiar with the despair and frustration to succeed in seeking employment and education when you are a minority in an engineering profession, and even more with a hearing disability. I am convinced that increasing an individual’s contact to education can impact and make a difference in obtaining a higher education career path. I am applying to for scholarship to be able to obtain a doctorate so that I can pursue my life-mission of becoming an engineer and a professor.

The day I was accepted to CSULA I was so happy and proud myself. I am the first to go to college in my family. Growing up in low income minority neighborhood of East Los Angeles I never dreamt college was an obtainable goal. CSULA staff and professors have mentored and given me the tools to succeed. I have grown so much academically since transferring to CSULA. I have gained confidence and the ability to be a positive role model to others and myself. I have raised my GPA from the dark cellar of academic dismissal at community college to a 3.0 GPA student and climbing. I have maintained a 3.4 GPA in the last four quarters made the dean’s list and achieved a 4.0 GPA for the first time in fall 2015 quarter and a 4.0 repeat winter quarter 2016.

I would like to serve and support others in their educational journeys in science, engineering, and mathematics with the focus of “helping others in need” and passing knowledge on to others in the area Bio Engineering mechanics, transportation and sustainable alternative energies. Research in engineering will help me to secure a better financial outlook to look forward to doing what I want to do. Finding a position where I can grow will help me to gain confidence and knowledge to seek out solutions today for a better tomorrow I have learned that success and failure come bundled together in a tightly sealed package. I would not be applying for a scholarship because of my accomplishments but because of my failures. I have learned my success is measured by my failures. I need to fail first and learn to succeed. So, if I am denied scholarship you have given me the greatest gift of all which is failure for me to work harder for continued success in my educational endeavors.

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