I deserve the Hearing Impaired Scholarship- Law Offices of David A. Black because I am bilaterally hearing impaired and have showed great leadership roles in my school. I have also overcome many obstacles in my life. I want to go further in my education by studying to be an accountant at Hillsborough Community College and University of South Florida.

With support from family and teachers, I have overcome many medical issues in my life. I am hearing and speech impaired. I had to go through physical therapy after I was born because I was not fully developed. I have also gone through 15+ surgeries to help improve my speech and hearing over the years. I am now dealing with scoliosis that gives me chronic back pain. All of these medical emergencies have depleted my financial resources to pay for college. This scholarship will help me and my family pay for tuition, books, and supplies.

Despite all of the challenges I have faced, I have showed many great leadership roles in my school and have received awards for my success. During my junior year I was the founder and president of the Newsome Youth Leadership Club. This club invites students with and without disabilities to work together and volunteer through community service around our community. The objective is to learn to work as a team and create leadership roles during the year. I am also the Team Captain for the Relay For Life event. I was inducted in the National Honor Society for the 2014-2015 school year. I have received an award which was the 2011 Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners Youth Excellence Award for Success Despite Difficult Odds in my eighth grade year. I have been in all honors classes throughout my high school years and am taking two advanced placement classes during my senior year. I have taken two classes at the Hillsborough Community College South Shore Campus during the summer of 2014 and received a 4.0 GPA.

I will use this scholarship money very wisely. This will help me pay for the classes that I plan to take to help me study my major as an accountant. I can learn the basic and fundamental information to become an accountant after I graduate from college.

I would like to get a higher education at Hillsborough Community College and University of South Florida and reach my career goal to be an accountant, as well as continue to be involved in the community and possibly inspire other Deaf children to achieve their goals. This scholarship will definitely help me get the education I need. I firmly believe that I have the intellect, skills, and talents necessary to succeed in the accounting program with this scholarship. Thank you for considering my candidacy for the Hearing Impaired Scholarship- Law Offices of David A. Black.

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