Maricopa County investigators, armed with a search warrant, raided a home in Phoenix last month. We don’t know what the basis for the warrant was, but the cops apparently suspected that the home was being used for more than a residence. Here’s what the police say they found when they entered the home:

    • A closed-loop butane extraction system
    • 200 pounds of marijuana;
    • Over 1,000 cartridges containing “narcotic cannabis”;
    • Six guns; and
    • Cash.

The extraction system alleged seized in the bust could be used to take weed and extract high potency hash oil or honey oil. It’s a fairly sophisticated device. The concentrated substance can be placed in cartridges that are used for “vaping.” Along with recent reports citing the dangers of vaping related to e-cigarettes, vaping can be used to inhale marijuana. This is also referred to as “cannavaping.” While it is touted as both less expensive and safer than smoking marijuana, the research is not yet in on the safety issue. On the other hand, vaping cannabis through e-cigarettes and similar devices does appear to be cheaper than smoking the drug the traditional way.

In addition to operating a lab to produce vaping material, the police also claim that the home was being used to manufacture snacks containing cannabis. The snacks, according to photos provided by the MCSO, have names such as Flaming Hot Weedos, and Weed Thins, among others. The package appears professional, and also appears to show cartoon-like characters.

In any event, the residents of the home raided by MSCO investigators last month are facing a number of serious charges, including possession and sale of narcotics, conspiracy, at least one weapons offense (possession of a deadly weapon in connection with the commission of a felony), and more.

Of course, we don’t know the facts, which have yet to be determined in court. But the bust provides information on how marijuana is being used and packaged these days. It also says a lot about the target sales audience for at least some of the products. We’re speaking, of course, about young adults, and perhaps even younger teenagers.

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