The “#Me Too” movement, which has focused on sexual assault and harassment, particularly in the workplace, has also brought attention to an interesting phenomenon among Arizona police officers. It includes not only institutional harassment and sexism, but also a slew of more serious acts on the part of cops throughout the state.

Back in 2016, a Show Low police officer was accused of what were described as “escapades” with a woman. He was accused of hugging, kissing and making sexual statements to the woman while he was on duty. Unknown to the officer, however, the entire incident was picked up on his police radio, including the female groaning during the tryst. The officer was suspended, and later fired as a result. But the Show Low case was mild compared with some more recent allegations.

Here are some of the sexually related incidents that have been reported in the last quarter of 2017:

  • A DPS officer has been accused of spying on his step-daughter, who was 14 years old, while she was in the shower.
  • A Tribal Police Officer has been accused of having sex with three different women (including his girlfriend and two others) while on duty, and then lying to the investigators when he was questioned.
  • A Scottsdale PD Officers was accused of having sexual contact with the victim of a domestic violence dispute. Specifically, he lost his badge after arresting a boyfriend in a domestic violence case, and then making sexual advances toward the victim.
  • This past November, an Arizona police officer was charged in California with eight felony sex crimes, including forcible rape, rape of a woman while she was intoxicated, and forcible oral copulation, among others. The officer has pleaded not guilty.

Within the past couple of years, AZ POST (Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board) has revoked the certifications, suspended or permitted the surrender of badges by 25 different police officers for sexual misconduct of one sort or another. Whether or not this represents a systemic problem, it is yet another example of the continuing saga of the “Weinstein effect.”

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