Drunk and drugged driving is never far from the front page of the news, but this weekend saw a number of suspected DUI cases, each involving some alleged bizarre driving and other behavior.

  • On Sunday, a man was driving his vehicle near Camelback in Phoenix, striking a mother and her two children at a crosswalk. The mother then jumped into a bystander’s car and chased the driver to a location some distance away. The children were taken to the hospital but are said to be ok. The man whose vehicle struck the three has been arrested, and is suspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As for the mother, at some time during the incident, she is said to have tossed a metal trash can into a fire truck. No explanation was provided, although she may ultimately be charged with a criminal act as a result.
  • Also on Sunday in Phoenix, a suspected drunk driver allegedly ran a red light and crashed into the light rail near 24th Street. None of the 11 passengers on the rail were hurt, although a passenger in the suspect’s vehicle was injured.
  • Not to be outdone by the driver striking the light rail, an Arizona woman is now facing charges after police say she drove her Jeep into a Sedona firehouse. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Officers say that none of the firefighters was hurt, although the driver was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. She is now charged with drunk driving and criminal damage. It is reported that the damage to the firehouse is extensive, and will require substantial repairs.

In related news, questions have been raised about the accuracy of blood alcohol tests performed by the Scottsdale crime lab in connection with alleged drunk driving charges. The lab has issued a statement reaffirming its accreditation by the American Society of Crime Lab Directors/Laboratories. But a woman who the lab says registered a BAC of 0.134, but who says she only had one drink, and that was four hours before the test, was recently found not guilty after questions were raised concerning the accuracy of the tests. A hearing is schedule this week examining the results of blood tests issued by the lab in eleven other DUI cases.

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