On April 28, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) hosted the fourth annual Prescription Take-Back Day. The event, which took place in Phoenix and in other areas across the country, is designed to get expired and unused prescription drugs out of people’s medicine cabinets and homes and properly disposed of. In previous years, more than 18,000 pounds of pharmaceuticals were disposed of through the Take-Back program.

The purpose behind the program, reported ABC News, is set forth in a statement by a DEA Special Agent, who referenced “the disturbing rise in addiction caused by [prescription drug] misuse and abuse.” He went on to state that the number of people in our country abusing prescription drugs exceeds those using heroin, hallucinogens and cocaine combined. The City of Phoenix website also carried news of Take-Back Day, and The Phoenix Police Department stated its concern with the rise of prescription drug abuse among Arizona high school students, including more than 20% of sophomores and seniors.

Report of The Partnership at drugfree.org

The proliferation of prescription drug abuse has been gaining more and more attention in the media, and The Partnership at drugfree.org released a report today which includes more information on the subject. The report notes that while there was a slight reduction in prescription drug misuse and abuse among teens from 2010 to 2011, about 10% of teens admitted to using pain medication for the purpose of getting high over the past year.

While it appears that social disapproval among teens regarding prescription drug abuse is on the increase, fewer parents are discussing the issue with their children. In fact, under 70% of parents said they discussed prescription drug use with their high school age children in 2011, down from over 80% in 2009. Interestingly, an increasing number of parents with children in high school admit that they, the parents, abuse prescription drugs. In fact, 18% of those parents admitted taking prescription drugs that were not prescribed for them.

We know that prescription drug misuse and abuse is a problem, and we also know that the problem is not limited to teens. If you or your child has been arrested or has encountered a legal problem related, directly or indirectly, to the use of prescription medication, you need to contact a Phoenix prescription drug attorney to insure that your rights, and those of your children, are protected.

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