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Walmart Rifle Thefts Lead to Multiple Charges

May 6, 2014 | Theft Crimes, Weapons Crimes

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This is a story that shows the ripple effects of actions people take.

The starting point, according to the police, was the theft of several rifles from the Walmart near the intersection of Bell Road and 19th Avenue in Phoenix. The alleged theft took place on a Friday in late April, when a suspect put three large-caliber rifles in a shopping cart, and covered them up using a piece of cardboard. Police say that later that afternoon, an officer observed the sale of a rifle to two individuals in a parking lot. The purchasers of the weapon say they bought it for $200.

This led to some questioning by the police, at which point (a) the rifle was identified as one of those stolen earlier in the day from Walmart, and (b) the two purchasers allegedly admitted they knew the rifle might be stolen. As a result of that admission, they were arrested, and one was also found to be a convicted felon, and therefore a prohibited possessor of firearms; a search of the other person revealed narcotics and related paraphernalia.

Eventually, the Walmart suspect was identified, and during the course of his arrest, police say they found the other two rifles, as well as evidence linking the suspect to a theft from a Sprouts store that same day.

So here’s the fallout from the alleged Walmart theft:

  • The suspect in the theft of the rifles faces two burglary charges (one count for Walmart, and one count for Sprouts), as well as trafficking in stolen property, and misconduct involving weapons (prohibited possessor);
  • Purchaser number 1 was charged with theft (control of stolen property) and misconduct involving weapons, also as a prohibited possessor.
  • Purchaser number 2 faces charges of theft (control of stolen property), and illegal possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

The bottom line is that what appeared at the outset to be a simple shoplifting case by one man expanded significantly in a single afternoon. It has led to the arrest of three people, who are now facing nine separate felony charges.

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