If you’ve been charged with a DUI, hiring a Phoenix DUI lawyer is just one step in a lengthy process. From the initial charges to the day of the trial, the DUI process can take months to complete. DUI convictions are serious and come with penalties ranging from community service to a prison sentence. You can make sure your life stays on track by following a few simple steps after you’ve been charged with a DUI:

  • Call a Phoenix DUI lawyer. If you didn’t already get in touch with a lawyer during the investigation process, now is the time. Make sure you’re hiring a lawyer with plenty of experience and a proven track record of defending DUI cases. A good lawyer is your best defense against DUI charges.
  • Post bail. In order to be released from jail, somebody will have to post bail for you. This can be a friend, family member or bail agency. Bail is paid to guarantee you’ll show up for your court case – once you show up, the money is often returned.
  • Make sure you keep your license. You typically have 15 days to appeal a suspension of your license – otherwise, your license will be suspended and you will be unable to drive. Contact your local motor vehicle division (MVD) to schedule your hearing. You’ll need to submit your request in writing and will most likely have to attend your hearing in the county in which the DUI was committed. Make sure you speak with your lawyer to determine the best course of action for avoiding suspension.
  • Prepare for your arraignment. Your Phoenix DUI lawyer will help you get ready to enter your plea. Pleading not guilty allows you and your lawyer to prepare a defense for your case. Once you go to trial, your lawyer will attempt to prove that the case is invalid for a variety of reasons, from procedural issues to improperly obtained evidence.

Knowing what to expect after your DUI charges have been filed can help you prepare for your future. Although a DUI can be scary, working with a good lawyer can help ease many of your fears.

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