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Alleged Slap Leads to Aggravated Assault Charge

For the baby-boomers among us, corporal punishment, whether in the home or the school, was both a common and accepted form of punishment decades ago. Things have changed, particularly with respect to the legal ramifications of striking children. According to police reports, a Flagstaff teacher was allegedly observed slapping a kindergarten student. The witness, another […]


Aggravated DUI Charge for Diamondbacks Announcer

It was a sad day last Friday for the Arizona Diamondbacks and for sports fans around the state, when announcer Mark Grace was arrested for aggravated DUI and other charges. Grace is also a former major league baseball player, who played first base for the Chicago Cubs, and later played for the Diamondbacks in their […]


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December Street Crime Statistics for Phoenix

We hear about crime all over the news on a regular basis.  When it comes to street crime, the media seems to be in a constant frenzy.  But what are the real statistics in Phoenix? According to a recent report, the December arrest numbers for street crimes shows some interesting results.  The specifics are as […]


Assault Charges in Arizona – Confused?

If you have been charged with assault in Arizona, you may be confused about not only the specifics of the charge, but also about the possible penalties you face.  Your confusion is understandable, since the assault laws in Arizona are not always easy to understand. Assault in Arizona is generally divided into 2 main categories:  […]



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