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Stalking on Steroids!

Stalking comes in all forms. When we think about it in the legal context, one of the pictures that may come to mind is a jilted lover, intent on seeking revenge, retaliation, reconciliation, or maybe just acknowledgement of his or her place in the victim’s life. Notes, phone calls, surreptitiously following the other person; all […]


Domestic Violence and Abuse of Vulnerable Adults

If you are under the impression that a domestic violence charge in Arizona is limited to violence against spouses, children or those in romantic relationships, your definition of the term is too limited. A case in point occurred last week. A Tucson couple allegedly forced three “vulnerable adults” who resided with them to remain outdoors […]


Domestic Violence Assault in Arizona 2012

Domestic violence in Arizona is not a distinct crime. Rather, it involves the commission of one or more of a laundry list of offenses (for example, assault, homicide, trespass, disorderly conduct, harassment, stalking, and others) which are committed against those with whom a defendant has (or had) a particular relationship with the alleged victim. It […]


Domestic Violence Charges Filed Against Chandler Man

A 49-year old Chandler man was arrested earlier this week and charged with stalking and ten counts of aggravated domestic violence. According to police, the man allegedly stalked his former girlfriend in violation of an order of protection restricting contact with the ex-girlfriend. They say the events leading up to the arrest also included leaving […]



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