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Alleged Marijuana Deal Leads to Murder Charge

There is no telling what can happen when you mix illegal drugs and guns. An example occurred in Phoenix recently in which a drug deal gone bad led to a shootout resulting in the death of one of the participants, according to police records. They say that three men were attempting to buy marijuana late […]


Marijuana in the News 2012

As we come to the end of the year, marijuana continues to occupy a prominent place in the news. From smuggling to legislation, here are a few of the stories that have been headlined in and around Phoenix during the last two weeks of 2012: Police arrested a man on marijuana and gun possession charges […]


Arizona Medical Marijuana Law Upheld

We’ve reported in the past about the apparent conflict between federal law, under which possession of marijuana is a crime, and Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Act, which permits the use of the drug for certain medical conditions. The issue was brought to the forefront last week in a ruling last week that emanated from a lawsuit […]


Medical Marijuana Limitations

With the passage in 2010 of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, the use of marijuana for certain medical conditions, as prescribed by a physician, became legal. But there are a host of restrictions on the use of the drug, and the law in Arizona is a far cry from the recently enacted statutes in Washington […]



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