Sample DUI Results

Super Extreme DUI Glendale Municipal Court May 2014

DUI (.105) to Reckless Tempe Municipal Court Spring 2014

Extreme DUI (.190) Dismissed Glendale Municipal Court November 2013

DUI (.107) Reduced to Reckless Driving University Lakes October 2013

DUI Reduced Reckless Driving Tempe Municipal Court September 2013

DUI Reduced Reckless Driving Tempe Municipal Court August 2013

DUI Reduced Reckless Driving Tempe Municipal Court.  August 2013

DUI Reduced Reckless Driving Hassayampa Justice Court.  August 2013

Super Extreme DUI. Dismissed after Jury Trial. April 2013  Phoenix Municipal Court.

Reckless Driving. Dismissed after hung jury. March 29. Desert Ridge Justice Court.

Domestic Violence Results

Assault / Disorderly Conduct (DV) Dismissal Tempe Municipal Court October 2013

Trespassing (DV) Dismissal Chandler Municipal Court. August 2013

Probation Violation Dismissal Chandler Municipal Court.  July 2013

Domestic Violence Assault Dismissal Chandler Municipal Court.  August 2013

Assault Domestic Violence. Dismissed. March 2013. Tempe Municipal Court.

Sample Drug Results

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Dismissed San Tan Justice Court.  August 2013

Possession of Narcotic Drugs Dismissed Maricopa County Superior Court 2013

Sample Felony Assault Charges

Felony Aggravated Assault. Not Held to Answer.  Dismissed.  Maricopa County Superior Court.

Felony Aggravated Assault. Dismissed at trial. April 5th. Superior Court Maricopa County.

Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon Maricopa County Superior Court Dismissed 2012

Other Results

False Information to Law Enforcement Acquittal Phoenix Municipal Court May 2014

False Information to Law Enforcement Dismissed North Valley Justice Court May 2014

Criminal Loitering Phoenix Municipal Court Dismissed – Occupy Phoenix Protest

Misdemeanor Prostitution.  Dismissal.  Phoenix Municipal Court.  June 2013.

Misdemeanor Failure to Comply with Law Enforcement.  Dismissal.  Gilbert Municipal Court. June 2013.

Prostitution.  Dismissal.  Superior Court of Maricopa County.  May 2013.

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