If you drink and drive, you subject yourself to some harsh penalties, even if your actions do not result in a collision. Your chances of being charged in the area of the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe have increased as the result of recent actions of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, as well as local law enforcement, including the Tempe Police Department.

They call it “Operation Safe and Sober”, and it began a week or so before the commencement of the fall semester at ASU. While aimed primarily at drinking and driving, there have been numerous incidents of other problems that have arisen as the result of students drinking alcohol. Last December, there was a drowning incident at Tempe Town Lake. The victim was an ASU student, and it is believed that the drowning was preceded by a night of heavy drinking at a local fraternity. In another case, an ASU student was left in the emergency room of a local hospital with a note stating that the 20-year old (underage) had too much to drink. That was an understatement, since police say his blood alcohol content was 0.471, almost six times the legal limit of 0.08. He reported drank 20 shots of tequila while participating in some sort of competition at a party. A blood alcohol level of that amount has been known in some cases to cause coma, and even death.

In addition to driving under the influence and accidents occurring in connection with student drinking, a Tempe police commander is quoted as stating that alcohol also contributes to violent crime. This past April around half a dozen ASU fraternity members were injured, at least one of them seriously, in a brawl with some intruders at their fraternity house that included numerous gunshots. Five arrests were made in the case, and a Sergeant with the Tempe PD said that it was an example of what happens when you mix alcohol and emotions.

We don’t know that we can blame all the woes of students at ASU on drinking, but you can rest assured that your chances of being nailed by the police are on the increase as a result of the current operation.

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