A very common question from a new client is “How can a DUI lawyer help me.”  Conventional wisdom held that a private defense attorney was always a good investment, but in recent years, given the harsh penalties associated with DUIs and the increasing sophistication of the agencies prosecuting DUIs, many folks wonder if there is really any sense hiring someone.  Have you been charged with a DUI?  Hired a lawyer?  What did you pay?  Was it worth it? 

I see DUI defense as an investment that is always worth it.  Sure, this is my primary practice area, but I have seen countless examples of results that might have not occurred, had our firm not been hired.  Many cases do not have to end up with jail, fines, or even convictions, iof only enough work is put into them.  The real question I suggest my Phoenix Arizona DUI clients ask themselves is whether or not they want the best chance at beating their cases.  If they do, they should hire.  If not, then not.  Simple as that.


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