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Phoenix is going to the dogs . . . well, sort of . . .

We tend to write mostly about people. Specifically, our blog discusses the law, and how it affects you and me. But our attention does get diverted at times, and this week’s diversion comes courtesy of a couple of recent news reports out of the Phoenix area. The first article concerns a man who police say […]


Walmart Rifle Thefts Lead to Multiple Charges

This is a story that shows the ripple effects of actions people take. The starting point, according to the police, was the theft of several rifles from the Walmart near the intersection of Bell Road and 19th Avenue in Phoenix. The alleged theft took place on a Friday in late April, when a suspect put […]


Shoplifting on a Grand Scale

When you hear about retail store theft, you might immediately think about shoplifting – generally stealing clothing, food, or other items of relatively small value. But a recent report out of Chandler goes way beyond simple store theft. Police say that two brothers are now under arrest after being accused of stealing between $100,000 and […]


Shoplifting in Arizona

A report last week recounts an alleged shoplifting incident in Chandler. According to police, an 18-year old man was arrested after he llegedly shoplifted a pair of headphones from a Best Buy store. They add that the act was caught on a video surveillance camera, and that the suspect was followed out of the store […]


Unlikely Pair Arrested in Multiple Burglaries

When you think about cohorts in crime, various images may come to mind. A recent report on activities in Chandler has resulted in a finger being pointed in the direction of an unusual pair of alleged thieves – a mother and her 25-year old son. The two have been charged with theft, burglary and, in […]



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